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Don't be defined by Tragedy

Throughout history we have moments like this. When great tragedy comes and effects our nation and the nations of the world. These moments have the capability of changing the course of history and marking a generation. So much so that when we look back at this time, we see the greater effects it had. In the moment we can see in part, but we are still in the woods, so to speak. After time has passed we can see clearer.

For this generation, it appears that it will be this pandemic, this virus, will be a defining time. For me and many in my generation it was Sept 11, 2001. I, like most felt as if the world was ending that day. In a lot ways it did, it was no longer that same. Economically, world travel even conspiracy theories. My perspective certainly changed and in a strange way my innocence felt like it was taken from me. Not that I was guilty of anything, but that day terror came to shores of my understanding, where before I simply read about in history books or in documentaries. I become aware of something that was hidden. I was in a state of unknowing, so I became consciences to something, that to some feel's oddly right and to others terribly wrong. Sept 11 2001 marked my generation and the actions of a few people shifted the worlds view on terrorism. My parents generation were marked by Vietnam and the threat of the cold war. We could even go back and look at the 70 A.D and the Hebrew people, as the are surrounded by the Roman army and the gates & walls of the great city of Jerusalem were about to be taken. A great a terrible day, marked a generation.

So, what did I become conscience of? Good vs Evil and mans failed attempt of defining morality. I've had this thought for almost 20 yrs, and it has matured into this, Tree of good vs evil and Tree of Life. Seems simplistic, but it boils down to this, Good vs Evil & God. In Genesis 3:9, the bible says that there are many trees in the garden, but the bible call's out 2 of them. The Tree of knowledge and the Tree of Life. Man is instructed that any tree is good to eat from, but to refrain from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. There was a choice for Adam and Eve, to eat from the tree of life or the tree of knowledge. Most of us know how the story continues, man and woman were deceived into eating from the tree of knowledge and this forever changed the course of history. From that point forward man's view or even struggle is determining what is good and what is evil. Only and a few people would understand what is God.

This time we are in will be remembered as a time when the whole world had to respond, for the sake of all humanity. And our response will reveal who we really are. Will we be able to pause and seek God and what is He speaking to us? Or will we allow ourselves to be run by fear, that the whole world is coming to an end? The response of the world vs the response of children of God will be evident. I wonder if we will be able to see the difference? Like in the times of Daniel, Esther and others in Babylon, you can clearly see that they were not shifted by the king or others who came against them. Now I am not comparing this virus and the times we are in to Babylonian captivity. Merely using that as a description and perspective, that those who are anchored in Yahweh are not moved by anything. We have the opportunity as the global Body of Christ to respond as sons and daughters, not as orphans.

I want to finish with this. In times of great distress and tragedy, we, not just believers but followers of Christ have a great responsibility. Not to respond like the world. We respond with patience, listening to the words of our leaders, even if we do not fully agree with them, they have been given charge in the offices, and they deserve our respect. We respond with love towards others. Helping when ever we can. Whether its making a meal, buying groceries or supplies for some who cannot get out to the store. John tells us in chapter 13:35, that this is how the world will know that you are My disciples, that you have love for one another. Chapter 15:13 says this, what greater love a man has then to lay down his life for his friends. Our response is vitally important.

During this time I want us to remember this. The time we are in doesn't define who we are and it most certainly does not shape or change our view of God. This needs to be a time where we press into God more and seek Him, Matt 6:33-34. This time needs to be a time of great strength and faith in the unchanging God. And as walk our lives as doers of the word and this will make our God known and the goodness of who He is will draw people in.

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