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Nick Payne

My name is Nick Payne. I'm a former Chef and currently an Associate Pastor. I live everyday to discover what it means to be a son, a husband and at times a dad. My wife, Emily and I have been together for 22 years and married for 19. 


I love to read & study Theology, Christian Mystics, church history and everything in-between. I also love culture, food, traveling, history and so much more. In The Lab is my blog where I write on a wide range of topics.

I was raised Catholic and a Reluctant Protestant. I encountered God as Father when I was 29, everything changed that day and all I could do was surrender. Every day since I am working out my salvation with fear and trembling, like Paul say's in Philippians 2:12.

I love to cook, which means I love to eat. Check out The Casual Smokers on IG. 


You can find In The Lab on YouTube & Spotify. Everyone has a story to share and we can all learn from the lives of others if we listen.

I also serves on the board for Cars Changing Lives. Cars Changing Lives is a ministry that donates cars to individuals and families in need. For more information please check out

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